Confinement was performed at a criminal justice gala in Brooklyn, attended by judges, prosecuting attorneys, and defense attorneys.


In 2014 on Rikers Island Jail, approximately one hundred 16- and 17-year-olds were kept in solitary confinement at any one time. These young people spend 23 hours per day in a 6' by 8' cell.


Confinement's inner frame is fitted to the same dimensions of a Rikers Island solitary confinement cell. It is woven by Joseph Williams, a MSW student at Columbia University's School of Social Work, who experienced solitary confinement in an upstate New York correctional facility in his youth. The outer frame of the artwork, which symbolizes the criminal justice system as a whole, is woven by Rachel G Barnard.


W/ Joseph Williams, Greg Bugel, Irina Krusteva, Lisa Jensen. Video by Dave Regos.

Confinement (2014)